This body of work was captured on a Bronica ETRS medium format film camera (mainly with a 75mm lens). Kodak Alaris kindly sponsored this project and supplied their beautiful Ektar and Portra films.

All images were processed and scanned by Filmdev.

Artist Statement

The intention of the project was very simple – to have fun, something that’s often neglected. This type of work is about history and documenting something frozen in time. The images should make you ask what happened and why.

The past is all around us, sometimes buried in the undergrowth and nature will reveal in due course through the magic of seasons and weather. Walking, driving and cycling around this region you are surrounded by the abandonment of yesteryears industry.

Each image was purposely exposed to express my interest in the past. From the streets, to foregone businesses, the redundant transport and to decay. There is something about desolation that hits a nerve of enquiry.

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