This body of work was captured on a Bronica ETRS medium format film camera (mainly with a 75mm lens). Kodak Alaris kindly sponsored this project and supplied their beautiful Ektar and Portra films.

All images were processed and scanned by Filmdev.

Artist Statement

The intention of the project was a combination of matters, the first was exercise, the second was architecture and thirdly to make the viewer think. I know from experience that exercise is a pre-cursor to well being. The amount of miles travelled on visits around the cities certainly added up. Being out on the streets helps clear the mind, raising the heart rate and allows me to focus on my goal. Every city like Lincoln that encompasses a university is part of the paradigm of change. It’s the modern culture of changing times because of the next generation. With this, the feel and skyline are altered forever.

A mixture of heritage, stone and cobbles embracing the glass and reflection of new.

Architecture is pleasing to one and disgusting to another, but through this work I try to bring an alternative world. Not long after starting the project and sharing some images it became clear another element presented itself.
People started seeing shapes or objects they recognised within the work. This was never intentional but changed my focus to try and present more images like this.